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Cancel The Guillotine

from Cancel The Guillotine by Seez Mics

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I don’t look ahead - cause I don’t look the part
The past is no place to put your heart
The books’re smart, the streets’re smarter
Wonder why either would teach ya to be a martyr
Carve a - name into armour, arm a charmer
With karma to harm a flight risk
Don’t blink or you might miss - not overt as a sliced wrist
More like pairs of loose lips and tight fists -
Loose as a noose - tight as a vice grip
(Welcome to) the beginning of the enzyme
Vacant stares at stairs leading to a for rent sign
Space taken for granted like bottled water at bedtime
Skip to the head of the breadline wreaking of red wine
10, 9, 8 the gears grind like clockwork
Alarm goes off and your virtue is not worth
The yard sign it was signaled on
Now the mob’s on your lawn with pistols drawn, so sing along

When did the commercials go so commercial
The death toll expo, a heads roll reversal
It hurts so we seek out elixirs to fix us
The trick is the truth is a nuisance and flickers
In shadows and sun light we see through the hood
As a solemn reflection of the people we could
If it wasn’t for the guillotine

Cancel the guillotine
Your beliefs don’t believe what you believe em to mean

With an emphasis on Sisyphus, they killed the king of the hill
Over petty differences - simplistic image of privilege is synchronous with innocence until proven guilty by association
(Kill the vibe) vilified so they won’t debate him
They tried to object in the court of public opinion
But this sort of peasantry is unbecoming the kingdom
Immutable characteristics become heuristics
For the opportunistic - it’s film or be filmed
Now the nuance is little more than a proxy war
Ignore the blood - lock the door so we can mop the floor
The stocks’ll soar, the crowds’ll roar
Inflating a rotten core but we’ll still want more
Sure, the city slicker is a shitty tipper
Who differs only to beg for an arm and a leg to stay ahead of the grifter
Crypto klepto kept no coin that couldn’t be leveraged
As a threat if they couldn’t settle on severance


from Cancel The Guillotine, released November 4, 2022


all rights reserved



Seez Mics D.C.

my music
is a mirror
looking back
at you.

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